Our Services


SkyneTBee merges innovation with creativity, inspired by our chairman's experience with global tech pioneers. Afternoons here transform into intensive mentorship sessions, where students dive into cutting-edge technologies, creating viable software and apps that hit the market with a splash. This collaboration has led to student entrepreneurs earning between 30,000 to 50,000 rupees monthly, merging education with real-world success.
Our curriculum spans Python to Kotlin, designed to equip students with the skills to lead tomorrow's tech advancements. At SkyneTBee, we're not just teaching technology; we're shaping the future's innovators.

Pixel Pioneers

Pixel Pioneers empowers aspiring filmmakers with our viscom lab which is almost as advanced as AR Rahman's studio, providing unrestricted 24/7 access to cutting-edge technology. This freedom fuels the creation of award-winning shorts that blend talent with innovation.
Here, equipment knows no bounds, supporting our students in crafting stories that captivate and resonate. Pixel Pioneers is not just about filmmaking; it's about setting your creativity free to explore, innovate, and inspire.
“Photograph”, a short film crafted by our students recently won state-level Award

VisCom Vibes

Viscom Vibes showcases the vibrant journey of filmmaking, from the trials to the triumphs, through dynamic Instagram reels and YouTube shorts shared by our creative students. It's a space that celebrates the grit and passion behind the scenes, turning the filmmaking process into engaging stories for a global audience.
With videos that have captured up to 113 million views, 55 million views and many others crossing the million mark, Viscom Vibes has become a testament to the impact and allure of authentic storytelling. Dive into Viscom Vibes, where each view and click connects you to the heart of filmmaking, embraced by millions worldwide.

RD Symphony

RD Symphony, led by our CDF departments, transforms event management into an art form, expertly handling everything from weddings to grand celebrations. Our comprehensive services include makeup, mehendi, and decorations, all executed with a flair for creativity and attention to detail.
What sets RD Symphony apart is our unique model of sharing profits among students, offering both practical experience and financial rewards. Additionally, our Viscom students bring events to life with their exceptional photography skills, adding a creative touch to every moment captured.
Choose RD Symphony for your next event to experience the fusion of professionalism and creativity, all while supporting the ambitious endeavors of our students.