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Computer Science & Information Technology

"Embarking on the frontier of innovation, our Computer Science and Information Technology Department shapes tech visionaries, pioneers digital breakthroughs, and empowers transformative possibilities."

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Visual Communication

"Visual Communication Department crafts narratives through design, merging creativity with technology to convey compelling stories, sparking impactful connections in a visually dynamic world."

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"The CDF cultivates artistic expression, weaving fabric and creativity to craft unique narratives, defining characters with a tapestry of style."

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"The Commerce Department navigates financial landscapes, fostering expertise in economic systems, business transactions, and financial strategies, shaping astute professionals for the dynamic world of commerce."

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Bcom CA

""The BCom CA program integrates commerce and chartered accountancy, molding adept professionals skilled in financial management, auditing, and business strategy for a dynamic market."

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Bcom PA

"The BCom PA program blends commerce with professional accountancy, shaping proficient individuals with expertise in financial analysis, auditing, and strategic financial planning for a competitive professional landscape."

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Bussince Managment

"The BBA Department cultivates business leaders, fostering strategic thinking and innovation, shaping versatile professionals for dynamic global environments."

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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

"The Artificial Intelligence domain pioneers intelligent systems, integrating machine learning and advanced algorithms to create adaptive solutions, driving innovation and transforming industries with data-driven intelligence."